"I just wanted to take a minute to give you some positive feedback. The Zoom classes have been going great this semester. All of our teachers know how to use the Zoom platform so well. It honestly feels like the best of both worlds- we get to have awesome "in person" discussions, but there is no commute to/from class to deal with. Especially when we were still in school, I loved that I didn't have to get in my car and drive to class. We have an amazing cohort leader. He has led us into some really thought-provoking discussions, and has been a great mentor. I'm very happy with this program so far." ......Jess P.


"Just a quick note about Saturday's Zoom class...it was absolutely FANTASTIC! I am definitely an "old school" student and educator and value face to face interaction, but honestly, this was fantastic. As always, you folks do an incredible job, and this is certainly another example. I am really looking forward to the coming weeks with more classes in this format! Thank you and have a great week!" ......Robb M.





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