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The cost of the 36-credit Fitchburg State University Master of Education in Special Education: Reading Specialist offered through Catherine Leahy Brine, Inc. is $400 per credit.
The cost of the 39-credit CAGS Interdisciplinary Studies: Reading Specialist is $400 per credit.

Up to 12 credits (must be the same courses that are on the Program Plan of Study as noted in the Program Overview) may be requested for transfer into the program by the candidate. All transfer credits must be approved by our Fitchburg State University Program Advisor and must fit the candidate's Plan of Study.

If you must fulfill the pre-requisite courses part of the program, please contact our offices for information on those courses, including their reduced cost.

Cost of the program is less with transfer credits. (see transfer policy)

 The full 36-credit program (no transfer credits)
(39-credit CAGS is $15,600: adjust accordingly for course credit below)
 The full program with 3 transfer credits (1 course) $13,200
 The full program with 6 transfer credits (2 courses) $12,000
 The full program with 9 transfer credits (3 courses) $10,800
 The full program with 12 transfer credits (4 courses) $9,600

Please note:

Additional Fees:

  • application fee of $40.00, payable to Fitchburg State (non-refundable)
  • $150 application/processing fee, payable to Catherine Leahy Brine, Inc. (non-refundable)
  • book and/or materials fees for each course, as determined by each instructor
  • $30 user fee for each on-line course
  • $750 Practicum fee for Initial License candidates, payable at the time of the Practicum
  • Tuition is made in two equal installment payments: when you begin the program and 5 months into the program
  • Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo Loans through Fitchburg State University are available. Proof of loan application and approval must be made before the program begins.

Application Materials
Rockland Trust Consumer Credit Application

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