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Overview of the Fitchburg State University
M. Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching Program
Offered through Catherine Leahy Brine, Inc.


The M.Ed. Program is a total of 36 credits, made up in the following way:

Action Research: Parts I and II (3 credits each; this is also a Professional Licensure course for all Professional Licensure candidates.)

In the summer semesters, this Seminar meets every Wednesday for a minimum of 2 hours per session. In the fall and spring semesters, this Seminar meets every other Wednesday for a minimum of 2 hours. On the alternate Wednesday during the fall and the spring, a CORE course will be offered at this Seminar site wherever possible.

Each semester of this Seminar is organized around a different theme with readings and assignments related to the themes.

Semester One: Teacher as Reflective Learner
Semester Two: Teacher as Change Agent
Semester Three: Teacher as Leader
Semester Four: Presentation of Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project: Credits for this project are contained in the credits of Action Research, Part II.

The Capstone Project is begun during the first semester in the Research course. The end product of the Research course is a Literature Review on a carefully selected content/curriculum subject. The Literature Review is then taken back to the Action Research Seminar and, with the advice of the Seminar Leader, a plan of action is determined for implementation of the Literature Review in the candidate's classroom. There are separate requirements for the Capstone Project in each of the four semesters. Seminar Leaders guide candidates through the entire Capstone process.

Five Additional CORE Courses: (3 credits each) Action Research Part I is a CORE COURSE

EDUC 8300 Research in Education
EDUC XXXX A Literacy Course appropriate for the candidate's teaching level
EDUC 9005 Dynamic Perspectives
SPED 7035 The Psychology of Learning for the Inclusion for All Students
EDUC 7500 Curriculum Design and Implementation for Multi-Needs Populations

Six Elective Courses:

  • Three electives are in the area of content/curriculum.  (Action Research Part II is considered a content elective.)  Professional Licensure candidates must also take their content-specific course as one of their content electives.
  • Three electives are in the area of pedagogy/teaching.  Initial License candidates have these electives pre-determined for them as part of their licensure requirements.

Electives vary each semester and will be announced at the mid-point of each semester so that the candidate may plan for the next semester. 

Transfer credits and the Cost of the Program
Our Fitchburg State University program advisor will review each candidate’s Transfer of Credit Request Form and determine the eligibility of courses based on the regulations set forth by the university.  Students will be notified by the university of the status of their transfer requests. 

The cost of the program is $410 per credit.

Transfer Credits Accepted Total Cost of Program
12 accepted transfer credits: candidate must take one elective $9,840
9 accepted transfer credits: candidate must take two electives $11,070
6 accepted transfer credits: candidate must take three electives $12,300
3 accepted transfer credits: candidate must take four electives $13,530
0 accepted transfer credits: candidate must take five electives. $14,760

Regulations on Transfer Credit Set Forth by the College:

  1. Courses must be of graduate level (not at the professional development level) and taken from an accredited institution.
  2. Grade received must be a "B" or better.
  3. Courses must not be older than six years upon the candidate's completion of the program.
  4. A total of 12 credits may, upon approval, be transferred. No more than 6 of these credits may be from a college other than Fitchburg.
  5. The courses must be considered by the program advisor to be appropriate for the candidate's M.Ed. program.
  6. Transfer credits must have been taken before matriculation begins.

Plan of Study for
Fitchburg State University M Ed in Curriculum and Teaching

Student Name:
Student ID:
Cohort Code:
Course Credits Semester


EDUC9500 Action Research Part I 3
EDUC8310 Advanced Research in Education 3
EDUC9005 Dynamic Perspectives 3

EDUC7500 Curriculum Design and Implementation  For multi-Needs Populations

SPED 7035 Psychology Of Learning Inclusion for All Students 3
EDUCXXXX Literacy Course appropriate to content area and level 3
EDUC 9502 Action Research Part II 3

Candidates should take the content specific course for their area of license


PEDAGOGY (These courses are pre-determined for all Initial License candidates; therefore there are no choices for Initial License candidates under Pedagogy.


It is each student’s responsibility to make sure that your credit total equals 36 in order to graduate.  Please note that transfer classes are listed on your plan of study pending approval from Fitchburg State University.  You will be notified of transfer credit status directly from the University after your application is complete and has been reviewed for acceptance.  If a course is rejected, it is the responsibility of the student to make the correction of this plan of study. This plan of study should be updated at least once per semester.

Transfer Requests will be decided by our Program Advisor.  You will  be notified by the university if the courses requested have been accepted.  You must provide our office a copy of the transfer request decision letter as soon as you receive it from the university.

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