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Spring 2019 Graduate Courses

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About Catherine Leahy Brine Educational Consultants, Inc.

Through Fitchburg State University, our company is proud to offer high quality, long-standing, time-tested professional advancement programs for educators. Each instructor has been very carefully selected based on their authentic classroom experience and their content and pedagogical expertise. All pride themselves on the ability to engage the adult learner through a hands-on approach to learning that includes the modeling of effective and varied instructional techniques and strategies. Additionally, each course and syllabus developed by our own instructors has been carefully designed using as the guideposts the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as well as state and national professional standards.

A participant who was enrolled in one of our instructor's week-end courses once remarked, "We learn it today and use it tomorrow!" That student's comment succinctly summarized the guiding philosophy of our company. We invite you to enroll in our programs or courses and experience this for yourselves.

Graduate Courses

Courses are offered in several ways. Since the Fall of 2000, the Fitchburg State University site-based Master of Education Program in Curriculum and Teaching has been offered through Catherine Leahy Brine Educational Consultants, Inc. Many of the courses offered by our company are part of that program. Additionally, Catherine Leahy-Brine Educational Consultants has been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education (now known as the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education) as a district-based Initial and Professional Licensure Program in many, varying areas of certification. For more information on any of our programs please visit our web site: www.catherineleahybrine.com or www.cfbrine.com

Finally, all of the courses advertised in this brochure may also be taken by non-matriculating students for the purpose of recertification and professional development. All graduate credit is awarded through Fitchburg State University.

Each course is scheduled for a minimum of 37.5 hours. The cost of each Fitchburg State University 3 graduate credit course offered through Catherine Leahy Brine Educational Consultants is $700.00. Students matriculated in one of our licensure or Fitchburg State off campus degree programs pay a different tuition rate. The SEI Endorsement course costs $750.00.

Pre-Registration is strongly advised. To Pre-Register, call 781-331-8826 or Pre-Register on-line at www.catherineleahybrine.com. Registration forms will be sent once pre-registration has been received and payment is due one week before the class.

We are offering Professional Development courses this semester that carry 3 graduate credits from Fitchburg State University. Professional Development courses carry the PDMT prefix. Additional PDMT classes will be added for the late Spring and Summer semesters.


Dedham- Hilton Hotel
25 Allied Drive

SPED7035 Psychology Of Learning: Inclusion for All Students
January 16, 30 February 13, March 6, April 3 plus two online sessions
5:00 PM Start


Weymouth- Brine Offices and Classroom Space
74 Pleasant Street - So. Weymouth (Columbian Square) Park in the back of building.

SPED8017 Specialized Reading Approaches
Jan 5, 26 Feb 2, 9, March 2
9:00 AM Start

EDUC7099 Sheltered English Instruction Endorsement Course Section One
Hybrid Course: Face to Face Dates: January 7, 14, 28, February 11, 25, March 11, 25, April 1, 8, 15
5:00 PM Start

MTED8001 Algebra for the Elementary School Teacher
MTED7028 Advanced Investigations into Standards Based Mathematics

Hybrid Course Face to face dates: January 8, 22, Feb 5, 12
5:00 PM Start

EDUC8004 Managing Classroom Behavior
Hybrid Course: Face to Face January 10, 17, 24, 31
5:00 PM Start

EDUC9005 Dynamic Perspectives in Education
January 16, 30 February 13, March 6, April 3 plus two online sessions
5:00 PM Start

PDMTTBA Strategic Teaching: Elementary Mathematics ***New Class***
Hybrid Class: Face to face sessions: February 2, 16, March 2, 16

EDUC7004 Cooperative Learning Across the Content Areas
February Vacation
9:00 AM Start

PDMTTBA Leveling Up Your Classroom: Strategies to Promote Student Engagement Across the Content Areas **** New class***
Hybrid Class: Face to face Sessions February 26 and April 9

SPED8300 Augmentative Communications and Technology
February 28, March 7, 28, April 11 plus three online sessions
5:00 PM Start

EDUC7057 Intro to Effective Literacy Strategies Across the Disciplines
February 28, March 7, 14, 21,28, April 4, 11
4:30 PM Start

EDUC8134 Effective Teaching of Informational Text
March 9, 16, 23 30 April 6
9:00 AM Start



Most of the Catherine Leahy Brine on-line courses are asynchronous unless noted. We must receive your pre-registration for the course at least 7 days prior to the start date.

EDUC7111 Advanced Conservation of Natural Resources
Online Start: February 25

EDUC7000 The Global Rise of Religious Violence
Online Start February 25

PDMT8008 Bullying: A Crisis in Education
Online Starting Feb 28

EDUC8007 Advanced Statistical Reasoning
Online Starting Feb 28

EDUC7210 Rethinking Learning in the 21st Century: Technology Infused Classrooms
Online Start: February 25

PDMTTBA Family Literacy in the Primary Grades **** New class***
Online Start: February 28

PDMTTBA Media Literacy Across all Content Areas **** New class***
Online Start: February 28