Catherine Leahy-Brine Educational Consultants, Inc.



Our company is proud to offer high quality, long-standing, time-tested professional advancement programs for educators. Each instructor has been very carefully selected based on their authentic classroom experience and their content and pedagogical expertise. All pride themselves on the ability to engage the adult learner through a hands-on approach to learning that includes the modeling of effective and varied instructional techniques and strategies. Additionally, each course and syllabus developed by our own instructors has been carefully designed using as the guideposts the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as well as state and national professional standards.

A participant who was enrolled in one of our instructor's week-end courses once remarked, "We learn it on Sunday and use it on Monday!" That student's comment succinctly summarized the guiding philosophy of our company. We invite you to enroll in our programs or courses and experience this for yourselves.

Fitchburg State University offers a well-known, site-based Master of Education Program through Catherine Leahy Brine Educational Consultants, Inc., that has successfully served educators throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for more than 9 years. Additionally, Catherine Leahy-Brine Educational Consultants, Inc., is a long-standing Massachusetts Department of Education-approved educator preparation program provider that offers District-Based Licensure Programs for Teachers.

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